Medical Alert Dogs

Learning to recognize scents and how to tell the human about them.

‘I feel way more independent with Keeva she is always on alert’ Martina Baker went from isolation to being a normal teen thanks to this highly trained service dog. Keeva is trained to alert to scents before a potentially fatal allergic reaction

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Medical Alert Basics
Service dogs bring freedom to their partners 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. A person partnered with a service dog has full public access rights as granted by federal law (The Americans With Disabilities Act), which allows them to take their dog into all public facilities. Service dogs are never separated from their human partners! A competent service dog program spends two years preparing each dog for its working life. Service dogs must be physically sound, temperamentally stable, happy working partners.


Medical Alert Advanced 
Scent recognition with distractions
This Scent Detective module will increase your dogs' natural scenting abilities and the use of problem solving techniques and games that raise the level of focus and engagement and teach the dog to alert even in the presence of distractions and in new locations with strangers and other dogs.

Troubleshooting the Medical Alert Dog 
Life happens. Even to our highly trained service dogs. This booklet will show you not only how to maintain your dog's incredible abilites but also how to bring back your dogs need to assist you and alert on those smells that are necessary for your continued health.


Getting A Persistent Alert 
It's all well and good to train your dog to recognize odor, but how are you to know that your dog smelled the odor you've trained him for - he has to tell you ! That is what we call an alert behavior. This set of modules teaches your dog how to perform an alert behavior when triggered by a scent or a change in your physical condition (like tremors). This module also teaches you how to know it's an alert and how to respond. 

Intelligent Disobedience!
If I have taught well, my service dog will understand what I want. If I have taught well, my service dog will want to do what I ask. If he says no, I need to trust that he is aware of something I have missed. Instead of forcing him to comply, I need to find out what that is. If I believe that dogs are intelligent animals, it makes sense to acknowledge that intelligence and let it be expressed through the training. It makes sense to use their senses to help keep us both safe.


A Day In The Life of a Heroine
This is the journey of a special heroine. Caoimhe is a service dog trained to detect certain allergens and alert her owner or pull her owner away from danger. Most importantly she is trained to detect the rise in histamine levels of her owner and alert her to the possibility of anaphylaxis.


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